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You Have No Control

Some Wednesday random-ness, about exercising extreme control or losing it altogether (or anything in between), to go along with the wild weather we’re experiencing in the upper Midwest.

  • We’ve long been enamored of Talking Carl around here, but someone just made Dueling Carls. Sounds like a noise band. Can’t wait to show this to my son.
  • Sometimes you just need a serenading unicorn lip syncing along to, say, Culture Club.
  • Interesting Miike Snow video featuring a bearded kid, a magical album cover, goats and booty jiggling. Oh, and here’s M.I.A. blitzing Letterman with doppelgangers of herself (a schtick she may have borrowed from S├ębastien Tellier), and the assistance of Suicide’s Martin Rev.
  • Hayao Miyazaki huh? In a recent interview he “compared iPad use to masturbation” - Is it because some Eastern philosophies consider masturbation to be a waste of Chi? Or is he simply suggesting we unplug from our screened gadgets to live our lives? But that would be an odd sentiment from a creator of animated escapism.
  • More stunning rice paddy art, via pink tentacle, and some Disaster Dioramas!
  • Lebanese diva Fairuz is profiled in NPR’s one of fifty great voices feature. I grew up listening to her on my grandmother’s An Evening in Beiruit LP.

Last night we saw Liars at First Avenue. The crowd didn’t seem to know what to make of the opening act but we just sat back and let ourselves be enveloped by John Wiese’s soundscapes. It was wonderful.

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