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Unconscious Mental Maps

I had been feeling like I frittered away the weekend somehow, but it was restful. And necessary. Especially in light of what the week has brought me. So I’m glad I kicked back and watched the Joy Division documentary on Hulu. And finished reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire. A good chunk of it was read while at the beach. Took the boy out to Snail Lake for some splashing around and wound up with a bit of sunburn on my back (but the boy was completely slathered in sunblock). Saturday night I enjoyed myself at Echo Arts despite, or maybe because of, dashing through a downpour in Lowertown. Complete with flash flooding! We ran through rushing water almost up to our knees. Ok, up to my knees. The boyfriend is a significantly taller creature. Sunday the kid and I enjoyed ourselves at the Gastro Non Grata / Little Locavores event at the MN History Center - thanks again Museum Adventure Pass program!

But then the week started in earnest and it all went to hell. My checking account balance was negative all weekend but I looked forward to the impending arrival of funds. That would have alleviated the pain except the check seems to have gotten lost in the mail. I do have a fair amount of money in a health savings account but I can’t touch that unless it’s health-related. Which may soon be applicable as I seem to be suffering from my first UTI (TMI) in years. Oh, and we seem to have mice - or a very small mouse - in the house again. And there appears to be something wrong with my sewer line. Xcel Energy is sending some professional drain company out to do a video inspection of a broken pipe, via my basement. And my son has his first zit. Oh puberty.

Yep. Everything, all at once. Always.

If only I could take a break from my life for a month I would happily apply to eat and sleep science at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Instead I will scramble and scrounge and attempt to make due, as usual. But that won’t stop the daydreaming.

Finally, in the spirit of shameless self-promotion and good old-fashioned capitalism, I’m finally selling some prints of my photos on etsy (and included an etsy link in my photography portfolio). Have a gander. Spread the word. And if you would like to purchase a print of something you’ve seen elsewhere (say, in my frequently updated flickr photostream), get in touch and I’d be happy to work something out. Thanks!

Whitney and I swapping glasses

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