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Capturing the Flag

Feeling a little lousy on this hump day but how about five good things?

  • Blu’s BIG BANG BOOM breathtaking joy-bringing outdoor animation.
  • This “British poster time capsule” makes me ever so happy.
  • Brandon Bird has organized a Law and Order art show. Each piece in “These are Their Stories” is an artist’s interpretation of a one-line episode summary from the DirecTV program guide. See it in LA at Gallery Meltdown from July 24 to July 30, 2010. Join them for a cake & ice cream reception July 28 at 8:00pm if you can. Oddly fitting.
  • Director Andrei Tarkovsky didn’t just make movies, he shot still photos as well. Hauntingly, eerily good polaroids.
  • Fantagraphics is putting out Set to Sea by Drew Weing. Here there be monsters!

Hoping I feel better tomorrow night. The boy will be on his third sleepover at camp, which he has been enjoying immensely, so it will be another night off/out for me if I can swing it. If I can pull it off…it will mean catching Bastard Noise, Cock ESP, Noise Quean Ant and Scaphe at the Turf Club. Quite the line up.

my flower-sniffing man

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