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Life Is Messy

This morning I woke to find my migraine still in residence and had to suppress the urge to smash my alarm clock to bits with a sledgehammer, Gallagher-style. Before my coffee kicked in I was ambushed by a bill collector who smooth-talked me into parting with $200 I can’t really spare and two freelance gigs I really could have used have fallen through. Perfect time to cuss up a blue streak, right? Well, I’d like to think that I don’t swear all that much and that when I do, at least it’s appropriate to the situation. But I am the product of my upbringing. My maternal grandmother cursed like a sailor and my Dad curses like a cop. So it’s tempting to let loose with even more profanities after being scolded by my own kid for uttering “bad” words around him. Instead I’m going to work even harder at busting out alternate, lightweight curses. Like fiddle sticks, cheese & rice, feathers, piranhas, nipples, nutballs and crumb cake. It will confuse the hockey puck out of him!

This week has been rough, physically, and I’ve been trying not to wallow in the emotional muck induced by stress (mostly of the financial and hormonal varieties). Yesterday I completely sequestered myself but life is too busy to do that for long. Tonight I’ll be going out, if I can manage it. Tomorrow night the boyfriend has another art opening. This time a group show called Beauty in the Dark. Saturday day is the Twin Cities Zinefest and Saturday night the Soo Visual Art Center is re-opening. Curious to see how it looks after their remodeling. Sunday will hopefully see a return to Picnic Club, depending on the weather (which, naturally, is looking like rain).

And next week sees a trio of events beginning with the letter L:

  • Liars in First Ave’s main room on Tuesday
  • Lightning Bolt at the Triple Rock on Thursday
  • Little Locavores on Sunday: Tasty Bites of Minnesota’s Culinary Past and Present at the MN History Center (with MC/VL - how odd).

Oh, but not in the L category - next week’s Cinema and Civics has Gay Witch Abortion playing before Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Such busy times in the summer! And I’m ready to make them busier. I realized too late that I likely should have gotten in on the Minnesota Bride “Best of Bride” party last night. But hey, anyone have engagement photos or a wedding that needs to be shot? I’ve posted some examples of my past wedding work here. My rates are reasonable and I’ve heard I’m fun to work with! Spread the word.


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