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A Master of Frisson

Want to know about my latest five minute crush? I get so excited thinking about him…and how smart he is. His name? Just Paul. The octopus oracle. I haven’t actually watched any of the World Cup but have been enjoying this psychic cephalopod’s predictions just the same. A different octopus altogether…Mr. Bob…spent a year in captivity at the Poulsbo Marine Science Center was recently released back into Puget Sound.

Many folks are watching the World Cup final today which is, I think, why picnic club was scheduled for later on. Unfortunately it looks like rain is on the way. But I haven’t felt much like leaving the house this weekend anyhow. Friday night I missed the boyfriend’s art opening in favor of communing with my couch and kicking off a solo X-Files marathon. Yesterday I managed to get some cleaning/organizing/cooking done and did venture out with my guys for some fun nerdery, including a visit to The Source. Note to self: refrain from selling books for bupkis to Half Price Books. It is far too painful. Fifteen measly dollars for a grocery bag full of pristine hardcovers? Ouch. But I am hard up for cash. Which is why I spent this morning listing items on ebay, for the first time in ages. And one item (my Roku SD box) already sold! Why don’t you see if anything catches your eye? And spread the word, particularly if you have friends with small-ish feet (ladies size 5.5 to 6).

There is much to look forward to in the week ahead. More summer camp fun for the kid, delivery of a half-bushel box from Vasa Gardens and a few shows/grown-up nights out with the boyfriend. And in the next several weeks a couple of weddings to photograph as well as some engagement shoots. Summer is zipping right along like it always does.

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