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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Life is a Problem

The universe has been throwing a few more hurdles my way than usual. And while I may not nimbly leap over them like a graceful gazelle, I have been brute forcing my way through and around them. For I am mighty! A crushing dominating force! To be feared! Oh wait, I don’t want to frighten [...]

Of Nothing In Particular

For dinner today I made use of Punch’s $3 pizza coupon. The Cortina (sans cheese) was most excellent. As was the company. Five other good things:

Laundry fairies! Ok, ok, so it’s really a commercial but it’s done rather well. And now I wish they were real and would help me. Mostly with folding. Oh how [...]

Like Insect Love Before the Sting

It was another weekend of highs and lows. On Friday I received some news that wasn’t unexpected. But it wasn’t exactly welcome either. I’ve made oblique references to the situation before without getting too personal. It boils down to this - the man I fell for, and have been seeing on and off all year [...]

Like a Heart Attack

My most disturbing dreams have nothing to do with the paranormal or being impaled or having snipers targeting me in my bed (though those dreams are plenty distressing, believe me). The most panic-inducing involve my son. Thankfully I don’t often remember them but a recent one was a doozy. In it we were at a [...]

All Sorts of Faraway

On this Earth Day I find my thoughts turning toward a different planet. Caprica. Yes, tonight I plan to watch a two-hour pilot for the Battlestar Galactica spin-off (even though the series doesn’t begin until next year). My busy brain seeks out escapism rather than dwelling on real world problems. Not terribly helpful, I realize, [...]

Quiet Loud Quiet Loud

Walking into work this morning I was greeted by my co-worker Matt, who assaulted me with goodness. First, in the form of a vegan blueberry almond cupcake, handcrafted by Sheela, who claims the frosting is made from unicorn tears. Then while consuming (and photographing) said cupcake he showed me various unicorn-related videos. Like Charlie the [...]

Your Star Is Killing Me

It is widely known, I have a thing for librarians. But this one is particularly heroic.
Nancy Evans saved the tapes from the Lunar Orbiter missions of the mid-60s in a warehouse at JPL, and the drives for them in her garage. She begged NASA to restore the drives, they weren’t interested. Now [...]

How Soon is Now?

Sometimes my son will go to bed with an idea in his head, wake up the next morning and resume hammering away at it immediately. Ad nauseam. Like he’d just pressed the pause button for a spell. The kid sure knows how to wear me down, but he’s not even doing it intentionally. He isn’t [...]

The Idea of Permutations

I would like to take a moment to remind my readers that Sharyn Morrow isn’t just a D-List internet personality. I am a real live person! This public service announcement is mainly for those who know me in the real world, but seem to keep up with me via this blog and twitter and flickr [...]

The Interaction Between Music and Art

Memory is a funny thing. I’ve threatened to perform under the Angry Butterfly moniker before (my novelty solo noise band) but realized something just the other night. I was reading a book to my son - Miss Nelson is Missing, one of my absolute favorites as a kid - and in it there is a [...]