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How Soon is Now?

Sometimes my son will go to bed with an idea in his head, wake up the next morning and resume hammering away at it immediately. Ad nauseam. Like he’d just pressed the pause button for a spell. The kid sure knows how to wear me down, but he’s not even doing it intentionally. He isn’t the manipulative sort. His fixations are generally pretty esoteric. His current one? Related to his class field trip today, to Como Zoo (one of the most depressing zoos around though, yes, they have made some improvements since I was a kid). Admission to the zoo is free but the Mold-A-Rama machines are not. Last year he procured a complete set of wax animals but has since damaged his gorilla. He plans to replace it today but to do so needed two dollars. When I picked him up at the school bus stop yesterday he asked for the two dollars. All night he kept reminding me that he’d need two dollars. His incessant demands for TWO DOLLARS brought to mind the paperboy in Better Off Dead, though my son isn’t nearly so sinister. Clearly. I offered the boy a five dollar bill instead but he got all bent out of shape, not wanting the responsibility of those extra three bucks. Or the hassle of getting change, really. He just wanted two crisp one dollar bills to feed to the machine. To that end we left the house early this morning, so I could stop by a gas station. The things I do for that boy. Sure, it’s just two dollars but I’ve been trying to talk to him - in general terms - about not asking for so much. Money is still too abstract an idea to him but it’s very real to me, and it’s extra tight these days. And all the anxiety I’ve been feeling? Eerily reminiscent of my experiences during the dot com bust. But I’ll pull through it. I’ve been taking measures to ensure that I do. Belt-tightening all around, including refinancing my mortgage. Closing on that tomorrow. And then I’ll definitely be in need of some low-cost fun in my life. Thankfully I’ve got some Pictionary with friends penciled in for tomorrow night.

lovely mural

Bonus: I’m a sucker for cute, and Artbox is chock full of it! Must avoid at all costs.
Plus: I’d kinda forgotten about Kasabian. And then this popped up: Fielding In Field With Pointy Stick = Funny Video. I’m all for vintage vampire nonsense.
And: Snuggie pub crawl, for a good cause! Hot Recap: Snuggiefest ‘09. I still prefer the Slanket. Mostly because it’s more fun to say.

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