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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Electricity and Lust

Our manic Monday had us diving headfirst back into the regular routine, after the lad’s Spring break ended. And I managed to submit my application for the McKnight Fellowship (for photography) with just 58 minutes to spare before the deadline. Go me! After work I engaged in hectic errand-running before the big Morrissey show. He [...]

Prizing Me Apart

Life has taught me to keep my expectations reasonably low. But that hasn’t prevented a string of crushing disappointments, on all fronts. If only I had Amazonium cufflets, to deflect all manner of assault. Ducking and covering just doesn’t work. I attract these sticky situations like superglue. Nothing is ever straightforward or simple in [...]

What We All Want

Spring break has been a mixed bag. We came home early due to a combo of sickness and boredom.
Day one: On Wednesday we managed to avoid the Dells. Sure, we checked into our motel but then jumped back into the car and took off for Madison. Which was just the thing. The first leg [...]