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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Why So Negative

It’s been a surreal week. I’ve lived in Minnesota my entire life but am not down with this polar vortex business. The actual air temperature was in the minus 20s to 30s. Even the postal service suspended deliveries today! And my son’s school has been closed all week. I’ve been working from home, staying safe [...]

I Wanna Be Adored

So fickle. Minnesota doesn’t care if we’ve made plans. Schedule a wedding on a Saturday in June? You’re gonna get a thunderstorm and maybe a bonus tornado. Sign up to have a booth at an art fair in July? One year you’ll get chilly weather in the 50s with rain and the next will be [...]

No One’s Easy to Love

It happened again. Unexpectedly wound up with someone when I hadn’t been looking for a relationship. This was the hardest I’d fallen for someone in a decade and the happiest I felt in ages. We were spending quite a lot of time together and joking about “cuffing season” - a term we’d both just learned. [...]

Listen Until You Know What To Say

Minnesota winters are tough but we’ve grown to be tougher. Though some days I feel downright fragile in this bitter cold. Somehow I made it out for a second consecutive Friday night. To see the amazing Lala Lala in the Entry with Sen Morimoto and The Miami Dolphins. And last night to two of three [...]

Where I Know Silence Should Have Been

Mid-week Five Good Things, the music edition:

After the recent anniversary of David Bowie’s birthday this bit of brilliance popped up in my feed: Why these sea slugs look so much like David Bowie
Bikini Kill will be playing four reunion shows! Tickets go on sale Friday but I probably spent too much on groceries tonight to [...]

We Are Because We Were

The latest thing making the rounds, posting your first Facebook profile pic side by side with your current one? I indulged. But it tied into something already top of mind, because of our upcoming group art show. The theme is Liminality, which can encompass very concrete rites of passage but I’m thinking more of other [...]

Pockets of Light

Work weeks can be especially tough after amazing weekends. But at least I’m getting paid. My heart goes out to all of our furloughed Federal employees who are continuing to work without pay, and unable to strike. Why Federal Workers Still Have to Show Up Even If They’re Not Being Paid:
The law prohibits public employees [...]

Red Five Standing By

The first weekend of 2019 has been pretty freaking fantastic. Friday we discovered a newish Mexican bakery walking distance from home. They make loads of delicious vegan options. Danger, Will Robinson! Friday night I baked a simple loaf of no knead bread and transformed it into French toast Saturday morning. Then spent all Saturday at [...]

Shelter In Place

It was a long, lovely and mostly relaxing holiday break. But today marked my first day back in the office since December 21st. Not gonna lie, it was a rough start. Ridiculously cold temps outside, I’ve been sleepy all day and I got to my desk to find my favorite mug had been sitting half [...]