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Listen Until You Know What To Say

Minnesota winters are tough but we’ve grown to be tougher. Though some days I feel downright fragile in this bitter cold. Somehow I made it out for a second consecutive Friday night. To see the amazing Lala Lala in the Entry with Sen Morimoto and The Miami Dolphins. And last night to two of three events. First, our Conspiracy of Strange Girls group art show. I was thrilled by the turnout for the opening reception of Liminal on such a frigid night! The show is on display until January 27th. I pulled volunteer duty at the bar for a couple of hours before heading back to Moon Palace to continue my fantastic evening. Especially enjoyed listening to Zak read from Folrath, his autobiographical account of the time in his early twenties. Highly entertaining and dredged up a lot of memories. We are roughly the same age but had somewhat different adventures in our early 20s. At age 18 I was hell-bent on creating a stable home for myself (for the first time in my life), getting my own apartment and the first of many day jobs with health insurance. My life was still enmeshed with the punk scene but I was straightedge and a safety conscious nerd. Sure, I would go dumpster diving and occasionally sleep on floors at out of town punk houses. But I left it to my more free-spirited friends to go train hopping and live in squats. Motherhood grounded me even more. I’ve had a few regrets but mostly look back and feel content at how it all shook out. And I’ve got more than a few stories to tell, as well all do. Great night catching up with old friends and thinking about other ones. And that was a heck of an introduce to Jessie and the Jinx!

Those are the happy highlights. In winter it is even easier to feel down. And the surreal state of the world doesn’t help. Five recent tales of absurdity:

Tough to end things on a bright note when it’s doom and gloom out there. And personally? I’m in a temporary financial tight spot right now, partially due to external forces and my own poor planning. But somehow I’ve been enjoying some incredible experiences lately, with friends and family, that are helping me get through it all.

Zak Sally reading from his autobiographical Folrath series
Jessie and the Jinx performing music
Tears of My Lover by Bethany Grabert
Lala Lala

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