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No One’s Easy to Love

It happened again. Unexpectedly wound up with someone when I hadn’t been looking for a relationship. This was the hardest I’d fallen for someone in a decade and the happiest I felt in ages. We were spending quite a lot of time together and joking about “cuffing season” - a term we’d both just learned. We went to the movies and out to eat but mostly we laid around my house, cuddling and enjoying TV together. But I went from hopeful to heartbroken overnight when he dumped me suddenly. By email. Really? So that happened. Let’s call it When Pillow Talk Turns to Real Talk, The Sharyn Morrow Story: How My Latest Attempt at a Relationship Failed the Same Day I Shattered My iPhone, Again. Not the best day. And my phone is still broken (along with my danged heart). Though the rest of the weekend had been stellar. I am currently grieving and pretty much skipped over denial and went straight to anger. But onward and upward, right?

It’s for the best I was already fixating on Sharon Van Etten all of a sudden. She’s been around for ages but I never paid much attention. Maybe because she spells her name the way mine was originally (I legally changed it in 1997). But this latest album, dang. I heard Your Shadow and was hooked. I’ve had Remind Me Tomorrow on repeat. It really speaks to my current emotional state. She will be performing next month at First Avenue.

Rough day but a good walk, self-portrait

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