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Pockets of Light

Work weeks can be especially tough after amazing weekends. But at least I’m getting paid. My heart goes out to all of our furloughed Federal employees who are continuing to work without pay, and unable to strike. Why Federal Workers Still Have to Show Up Even If They’re Not Being Paid:

The law prohibits public employees from striking, forcing them into what one union leader called “involuntary servitude” during the government shutdown.

It is all awful and shameful that our elected alleged leaders can’t manage the basics of government. But I need a mental break. So here we go with Five Things That Bring Me Joy:

This week one of our favorite colleagues from our Canadian office came to visit. After work we took her out for happy hour at Zen Box Izakaya, dessert at Izzy’s Ice Cream and comedy at Acme. Even in this weather we know how to show visitors a good time (which she is well accustomed to anyhow, as a Canadian).

Zen Box Izakaya with our visiting Canadian colleague
Izzy's ice cream with our visiting Canadian colleague
Acme Comedy Club with our visiting Canadian colleague

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