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Red Five Standing By

The first weekend of 2019 has been pretty freaking fantastic. Friday we discovered a newish Mexican bakery walking distance from home. They make loads of delicious vegan options. Danger, Will Robinson! Friday night I baked a simple loaf of no knead bread and transformed it into French toast Saturday morning. Then spent all Saturday at the salon with my incredibly patient pal Zena. I wanted to stop seeing red, in my hair. It’s an arduous process. Or multiple processes as it were. She went about the hard work of transforming me into a silver fox. After a long day at the salon I needed a meal. Timing worked out to grab a bite and catch up with another chum at iPho. Lastly it was off to the marvelous Moon Palace for a perfect three band bill.

This morning my son requested muffins. Opted to try a new recipe and was pleasantly surprised. Vegan baked goods can be tricky but this batch turned out quite well. This afternoon three generations of Morrows went to see a movie, as we often do together, but today was special. Because the movie was accompanied by a live orchestra! Way back on May the 4th I bought the tickets to see Star Wars: A New Hope at Orchestra Hall. There’s nothing quite like a live orchestra. Gave me goosebumps. And my Dad and son enjoyed it just as much I did.

If every weekend could be like this one 2019 could shape up to be one of the best years ever. Realistically not all weekends will be this full of magic but I do have quite a lot to look forward to and be grateful for in the coming year.

Silver Fox style
Star Wars at Orchestra Hall
My Dad and my son / Star Wars at Orchestra Hall
My son with two Shadow Stormtroopers

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