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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Dancing With Myself

Some Saturday afternoon rants and raves. 01: Why oh why did the WB do this to me? They’ve moved our favorite Saturday morning cartoon, The Jackie Chan Adventures, from 8am to 7am. Sure, the little man and I get up around that time of day, but if there’s any chance of the lad letting [...]

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery, Right?

The husband was mocking me, as he does. This time about my photography hobby/habit. Guess I can’t blame him. We’ll be out and about when I feel compelled to stop and whip out my camera…every few feet or so. It’s worse if we’re in the car. If I’m driving I’ll pull over to capture [...]

It’s Just Kinda Out There, Isn’t It?

So here I am. Home, and sort of alone, on a Friday night. The little man’s gone to bed and the husband has gone to urgent care. Don’t worry, he’ll be all right. But I’m not leaving the house any time soon. I’ve actually been quite preoccupied, blazing my way through The Amazing Adventures [...]

I’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place

Ah, this old house…of HORROR! Obviously I know it’s cold, but the thought hadn’t crossed my mind that it’s cold enough to…freeze the kitchen pipes. Our kitchen is the only room in the house without a radiator. Its only heat source is the oven, when it’s on. But we’ve been too busy hiding out [...]

Too Cool For School

So. I’m totally bummed about this, but we’re skipping class this morning. I’d be tempted to anyhow as it’s so freaking cold, but it’s more out of concern for the little man. The poor boy is losing his voice. It started failing him last night. It’s the saddest thing (but sort of cute), listening [...]

You Are A Time Lord, A Lord Of Time.

Admittedly I’m a bit weather obsessed…but anyone else notice something amiss in the below infographic? That’s right, the good folks at Star Tribune Weather have seen fit to eliminate Thursday. Perhaps they’ve decided this week’s weather has been brutal enough, so we ought to skip straight to Friday. That’s good news for all you [...]

You’d Be Really Good If You Were More Brave

The little man just tried to hand me a dead box elder bug that had, inexplicably, made its way into his pants pocket. I’d like to report that I took the parental high road, turning the moment into an educational experience for us both, but I can’t. No, I screamed like a girl and [...]

Correctional Beatdown

Despite today’s “Dangerously Cold” designation, I decided it was time for a return visit to Lookout Ridge, our favorite pay-to-play indoor playground (we just visited the free one on Saturday). Unfortunately the little man and I got out to the car to discover the gas light on (big thanks to the husband, sheesh). So [...]

Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End. Sort Of.

When the going gets tough, the tough go to the movies. It’s hard to believe we’re so behind the times, though. I saw the first two films on their opening days, but the husband and I waited for The Matrix Revolutions to hit the second run theaters. I’m glad I remained unspoiled beforehand, and [...]

Around The World In A Bad Mood

I’ll be blue in the face any day now. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for too long, and there’s no end in sight. We’ve kicked off the new year with everything up in the air. The little man will potentially be enrolling in a special ed program mid-year…but we have no [...]