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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Men Without Hats

Time for some frivolous fashion reporting. This morning Allison Woo tipped me off that the Golden Globes happened last night. Like her I was happy to hear the good news about RoTK. But I just lost part of my life that I’ll never get back…after being sucked into imdb’s red carpet gallery. Overwhelmingly my [...]

Easily Startled By Sudden And Uncontrollable Standing

Some spontaneous introspection and recriminations yesterday yielded the following revelations: 01. In general, I use too much oil when frying foods. 02. I have expensive pee. 03. Sometimes it’s better not to know. 04. I’ve been busted by the husband for cutting off both ends of banana and zucchini breads. Why can’t it all [...]

Kick In The Eye

As I’ve mentioned, our lives have been jam-packed with minor irritations lately. Taken individually each incident would be no big deal, but the cumulative effect is incalcuable. Amidst all the frustrating, though, there is still the funny. Like last night, for instance. After one of his overnight shifts, the husband stopped by a 24-hour [...]

Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?

Blink and I’ll miss it. Just got into The Unicorns only to discover they played here…last week. Timing is everything, and mine’s always off.

One Way Ticket, Yeah

Finding myself in the grips of another bout of wanderlust…which will go unfulfilled, I’m sure. This time I have Neil Gaiman to blame.

He pointed out a few of his favorite places in London, including the gloriously gothic looking St. Pancras Station. Several years back I had a week to wander around London on [...]

Prepare For The Onslaught Of Bad Taste

Some Sunday morning news…first off, one of the lovely ladies is moving from Uptown to Northeast Minneapolis in the near future. She likens it to a move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Fair enough. So I’ve been keeping an eye out for what’s new in Nordeast. Not long ago the area saw its first co-op [...]

Waiting For The Sirens Call

We had a slightly stressful Sunday. Nothing earth-shattering happened, just a string of stupid stuff. Not irreversible, just annoying. The little man has been playing musical beds in the middle of the night, causing me to get even less sleep than my insomnia generally allows. I received email from the library letting me know [...]

I’m So Fucking Hip!

Oh, the drama of…online social networking technology. One of my oldest and geekiest friends has long mocked my friendster usage. Maybe it’s because I never sent him an invite. I was certain he’d be disinclined to take me up on the offer, but now I’m not so sure. In a strange turn of events [...]

Five-minute Crush

Some Saturday morning fluff. Last night the husband and I watched the trailer for Starsky & Hutch. Generally I am one to groan about Hollywood’s lack of original ideas, but this is one remake I may have to see.Maggie always unearths the most interesting stuff.Subpop Records mocks Pitchfork with some satirevertising action. Sign up [...]

Now You Tell Me

Apparently I wasn’t supposed to wash my hair yesterday…as it may have washed away all the good luck, from it being Chinese New Year’s and all. But dude, my hair was sooooooooo dirrrrrty. Still, I could have kept the grunge look for another day if it meant improving my chances on the “perfect part-time [...]