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Waiting For The Sirens Call

We had a slightly stressful Sunday. Nothing earth-shattering happened, just a string of stupid stuff. Not irreversible, just annoying. The little man has been playing musical beds in the middle of the night, causing me to get even less sleep than my insomnia generally allows. I received email from the library letting me know that a couple of items are overdue. The items that I can’t, unfortunately, seem to locate…or renew again. Then, as we were getting ready to meet up with the lovely ladies for morning coffee, I realized the driveway needed to be re-shovelled as the plows had pushed a nearly impenetrable wall of frozen dirty snow bricks up into it. That took a while to clear, so we were a half hour late. I hate being late. Once in the car, and on the freeway, the car started to vibrate in a thoroughly unwholesome manner. I put it from my mind while we enjoyed the company of friends, but when we returned to the car afterwards, and to the freeway, it was far more pronounced. The car started shaking violently if I pushed it past fifty miles per hour. It seemed as though it might vibrate apart. Fun. Needless to say, I pulled off the freeway pretty damned fast. I decided to skip most of my errands, much to the little man’s dismay (he really wanted veggie nuggets and “earth balls“), though we did make one stop, to stock up at United Noodles. The stress levels were reduced after we arrived home safely, and the husband and I discussed a plan of action in regards to the car. He was scheduled to work both the overnight jobs, and couldn’t not do it, so he was going to drive very slowly, then take the car into the shop afterwards. The only thing…the shaking had stopped. He never experienced any of it, at all. I suppose this could be construed as a good thing. But it makes me anxious because a) the husband might think I’m completely crazy and b) it could happen again. Most likely while I’m driving. So we’ve gone ahead and booked an apppointment to have it looked at anyhow. Besides, the maintenance light has been on for the last 28,000 miles.
Bonus: I’ve been living vicariously through Chuck…his NYC trip and vloggercon experiences. Man, I could go for a change of scenery. And the husband is turning thirty next month. Hmmm.
Plus: We have a new radio station in town, that went on air (with their big format change) this morning. I’ve tuned in a bit, but it feels weird. Like I’m cheating on the K.
And: Wondering what to do about cross-posting my photos, here and at flickr. I don’t want to bore the small group of folks who might actually look at both, but each outlet has its pros and cons. And I have been posting “bonus” pics there that don’t make it up here. Hmmm. Still considering the situation.

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