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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Thirty Minutes Of Uninhibited Lunacy

Naughty Muppets. The husband forwarded a typo-riddled page to me, the content of which alleges the pilot was entitled The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence. I guess they were trying to gear it more towards adults, but it still strikes me as strange. Speaking of which…I had taken a break from television for several [...]

I’ll Be Your Mirror

When the mail arrived Thursday it included a welcome bonus, a mix CD from James. It’s chock full of indie rock gems and classics, whimsical, yet tinged with sorrow. Just the way I like it. Many tracks are from artists who have been languishing on my “to hear” list (or “to purchase”). But one [...]

Power Of Water, Power Of Light! Powers Unite!

I’ve been peering out the window for the last twenty minutes or so, watching little happen…save for a lone helicopter lazily circling the sky. After a bit of that I decided it was time for more drastic measures. I finally caved in and created a user account with the Star Tribune online. Shouldn’t have [...]

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Boy

My nerves are shot. Within the span of ten minutes today I found out about a) a potential part-time job, and b) potential problems with my child. A couple of weeks ago I took the little man in to be screened for speech therapy, at the St. Paul Public Schools district office. It was [...]

A Very Real Risk Of Frostbite

What a great way to kick off the 118th St. Paul Winter Carnival…with a windchill advisory! The little man and I were slated to meet our classmates for a field trip this morning, not far from the Ice Palace…but with an actual temperature of -10 I think we’re going to play hooky. Hopefully the [...]

Sad, Mournful Songs Of Turbulence And Hydrocarbon Chemistry

Seems some of my UMBMA (Upper Midwest Blog Managers Association) brethren are complaining of mid-winter ennui, myself included. I haven’t left the house since Sunday, nor have I had much motivation to do anything around the house…save for some reading and laying about. Feeling a bit under the weather, and exceedingly uninspired. Even my [...]

Operation Mindcrime

Yesterday’s accomplishments included, but were not limited to:

Inviting a new friend out to meet some of my old ones (but only one of those showed up, due to widespread flu and PMS problems).
Inexpertly creating my first quilt square, for a good cause.
Obtaining a ticket to next month’s Low show (thanks to a friend[*], who [...]

Miss Teen Wordpower

At first I thought it was just me, or maybe the little man and myself. But I have shocking new evidence…of the overall decline of conversational skills in our household. I was talking with the husband, regaling him with tales of our adventures yesterday (that occurred while he was still asleep). As soon as [...]

Let’s Start A Downscale Movement

It’s all bonus material today.

Calling all geeks: your participation would be greatly appreciated in the SF Reading Habits Survey, whose results will “provide material for a book called (provisionally), The Inter-Galactic Playground of Children’s Science Fiction to be published by McFarland Press” (via Neil Gaiman).
The previous should be of special interest to the proprietor [...]

I Bent My Wookie

Not much could get me out in this dangerously cold weather, but misery loves company. The lovely ladies (including San Francisco satellite member Maria, who is in town through tomorrow evening) wanted to meet up at Anodyne Coffeehouse, on their side of town. The car didn’t get warmed up until we were just blocks [...]