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Monthly Archives: August 2003

Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead

Sounds like sort of a bad year for Burning Man. After several accidents, there’s been a fatality. I think Elim sums it up well: “drunk people, ArtCar, Night, do the math. The fact that it hasn’t happened in 7 years or so is remarkable.” In better news, Ted Leo’s next album is slated to [...]

Welcome To The Lighting Revolution!

The little man sure knows how to stir things up. We’d been having another quiet afternoon when he came running up to me, waving his arms excitedly, trying desperately to convey something important about “the light”. Doubting he was having any sort of epiphany, I ran off in the direction he indicated…to find something [...]

Up, Up And Away We…went

And we’re back. Continuing our low-key Labor Day weekend in St. Paul, after a brief break elsewhere. My in-laws have a little place up North. But not *too* far North. Even with the Friday/holiday traffic we arrived in under two hours. I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive. The husband, whose descriptive abilities are [...]

Candid Camera

Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary with my camera, an Olympus C-4040. I’d been wanting to upgrade for a while, and was given the perfect excuse when my former Olympus D-340L unexpectedly fell apart (after falling down a flight of stairs). Before the fall the old camera had been doing all right by me, [...]

Large Weird Things

Something led me to Slatch this morning…don’t remember what. There I discovered two tasty tidbits. First, Season 3 of Mr. Show is now available on DVD. Second, something only David Cross and crew could come up with…the 1st Annual (or maybe never again) Tinkle Booze Cruise. Sorry folks, the event already happened. And it [...]

Just Say No!

I saw the signs today. Two of the less auspicious signs, mind you. The first, found at the playground, seems to indicate that no sumo wrestling is allowed there. Sensible, I suppose…but the place is surfaced with that great squishy material that easily absorbs any impact. The latter was found right in front of [...]

The King Of Rock Vs. The King Of The Dead

Two things. First, one of the girls informed me of some wackiness happening in town next week. The Design Institute at the U of M is sponsoring “a citywide game that turns the Twin Cities into a 108-square mile giant game board”. I doubt the little man and I would have the wherewithal to [...]

Just De-lovely And Delicious

One of J’s throng of sisters had a fine floral arrangement sent to us yesterday. I don’t remember the last time we had flowers in or out of the house (which reminds me, must plant tulip bulbs before first freeze) but they are a most welcome addition. As for J’s family…I don’t know if [...]

When Idiocy Attacks

We have the distinction of living within two miles of the RiverCentre…which is hosting a visit by Bush today. This is causing our usually overlooked enclave to be teeming with visitors. Mostly boys in blue in marked and unmarked squad cars. They certainly aren’t out busting traffic offenders (saw one person run a stop [...]

Breaker Breaker

We seriously need walkie talkies. I can’t imagine the husband ever having, or using, a cell phone, but we’ve encountered many situations where such a device would have been helpful. I have two such examples to highlight from last evening.Example the first: on our way to the Deerhoof show, J needed to stop by [...]