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When Idiocy Attacks

We have the distinction of living within two miles of the RiverCentre…which is hosting a visit by Bush today. This is causing our usually overlooked enclave to be teeming with visitors. Mostly boys in blue in marked and unmarked squad cars. They certainly aren’t out busting traffic offenders (saw one person run a stop sign right in front of a parked squad). Instead they seem to be guarding our bridges and the like. Overhead the skies are being patrolled by noisy helicopters. One was hovering right over my backyard for an extended period of time, while I was eating lunch on my deck. If they really need to know, it was a highly suspect grilled soy cheeze sammich with tomato soup. I had been planning on taking the little man down to the Children’s Museum this afternoon, but with all the extra company downtown we may just wait until tomorrow. It’s within walking distance of Bush’s location and it might be a hassle to get through that extra security. Which has me wondering…who is footing the bill for these extra forces? Are the funds drawn from federal taxes or local? If it is local, then I’m going to be extra-irate. In Minneapolis this week public libraries and beaches are closed, giving their employees a mandatory one week vacation *without* pay. I realize the Bush visit is happening in St. Paul, but I’d much rather send money to our sister city to support worthwhile activities instead of blowing this wad unnecessarily on Bush.