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Up, Up And Away We…went

And we’re back. Continuing our low-key Labor Day weekend in St. Paul, after a brief break elsewhere. My in-laws have a little place up North. But not *too* far North. Even with the Friday/holiday traffic we arrived in under two hours. I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive. The husband, whose descriptive abilities are lacking, had been up there just once…so I was still in the dark after attempting to pick his brain. But it was quite pleasant. This particular piece of property is in a more secluded section of a large resort village. There are nearby neighbors, but it’s also bordered by woods and swamplands. It was quiet and peaceful, but not *too* relaxing. There’s never a dull moment with the little man around. I’d packed enough diversions to distract him for a decent chunk of time, but his curiousity would get the better of him. We were constantly shouting “NO!” in an attempt to keep him from injuring himself or others. Still, we all had a lovely time…and managed to lounge and laze and graze. Even got in a good game of Trivial Pursuit (Genus IV edition). Hadn’t played that in a decade or more…but J and I would both like to pick up a set. Amazing that we agree on this matter. Game play has been a sticking point in our relationship, especially as J will so rarely concede to play Scrabble with me. True, we have other games. But I can only play so much Uno. And the Tick board game is unnecessarily complicated to set up. Lost Cities is too simple…or something. And our Powerpuff Girls board game…well, maybe it would be less boring if we were eight years old. So Trivial Pursuit it is, as soon as we get a set.
Items forgotten at home: sparklers; cell phone recharger; vitamins; and my hairbrush.
Items left behind: our picnic blanket; the book I’d just begun reading (”Blindness” by Jose Saramago); and a clear view of the night sky.