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Candid Camera

Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary with my camera, an Olympus C-4040. I’d been wanting to upgrade for a while, and was given the perfect excuse when my former Olympus D-340L unexpectedly fell apart (after falling down a flight of stairs). Before the fall the old camera had been doing all right by me, but lacked a few features I’d been longing for. The C-4040 was love at first sight. Super-bright lens, optical zoom, 4.1 megapixel, digital SLR (great in low-light situations), quicktime video capture with sound…and we’ve had a wonderful year together (though I’ve learned to keep my yap shut when videotaping the little man…there’s nothing more irritating than hearing the shrill sound of my own voice when trying to enjoy video of the boy). This month alone I’ve managed to post seventy+ photos taken with it (including the 26 things gallery) here, and many more to my son’s photo album. I guess underemployment is good for my productivity. Or prolificness, rather.