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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Another Precarious Year in a World Adrift

How happy am I that this miserable excuse of a year is nearly over? Sure, it can be argued that moving from one calendar year to another is arbitrary, that it’s just a date. But somehow it feels significant.
2006 Highlights:

The little man was issued his first library card, and his first passport. J and I [...]

I’m Dangerous Like That

I hadn’t been inside the Uptown Bar in years, but last night I stopped by to see STNNNG. They played last. The first band was one of Arzu’s projects, Spider Fighter. Not familiar with the other bands, and that’s all right. During their sets I spent some time chatting with folks. And that was [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Joe tagged me over a week ago, but compiling my list has been slow-going. Mostly because I’ve been so prolific with the blogging, I don’t want to tell yawl something you already know.

I abhor the sound of people eating. The worst? Slurping. Followed by cutlery clanking against teeth. Oh, and the pouring of liquid. Hate [...]

The Party That Started A Revolution

The long slog (a.k.a. holiday hell) is nearly over. But being up with people for so long has taken its toll, with my cold taking a turn for the worse. Naturally I don’t want this thing to kick my ass. But I have a time honored tradition to uphold, of hurling on New Year’s Eve/New [...]

Some Window to the Immanent

I seem to have come down with the little man’s cold. Rather than catching up on my sleep, though, I pulled an all nighter catching up on Heroes. I’ve been hearing good things about this show for months. Yesterday afternoon I watched the first episode and then couldn’t stop. It was like eating Pringles. Yes, [...]

Abandoning the Pleasure Principle

And so ends another brutal and baffling rollercoaster of a week…only to segue into the horrible holidays. I’m no grinch, but I’ve come to loathe this time of year. Too much history, too traumatic. Rather than getting into the gory details I well send you away, on to much more entertaining diversions.

Today is Global Orgasm [...]

Life is a Dream We’re Dreaming Together

The little man’s memory amazes me. And his non sequiturs. He randomly started talking about that time Karen painted the room from grey to yellow - at daycare. Over five years ago. When he was just two. And it’s not like we’ve spoken of it since. He hasn’t been back to that daycare since he [...]

Being an Optimist in the Face of So Many Screw-ups

I’d like to point the finger at The Backyardigans, but really, I only have myself to blame. My first mistake? Last week I let the little man pick out a DVD of theirs at the library. He is enthralled. Second? For the past two years he has spoken in reverential tones…of the non-vegan food products [...]

The Art of Living

Sometimes I like low key. Not that there’s anything low key about the Pump It Up Party Zone. How could there be? We attended a child’s birthday party at one of their “zones” yesterday. The little man and I had a blast. The highlight, for me, wasn’t when I got smacked in the face with [...]

Nothing, Like Something, Happens Anywhere

It’s going to be a quiet weekend. Intentionally so. I’ve been going out a lot lately. While that’s been grand I need a little break. Time to take care of the mundane details, like doing the bills and the laundry and cleaning the house. And squeezing in some quality lounging. I’ve got a stack of [...]