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Abandoning the Pleasure Principle

And so ends another brutal and baffling rollercoaster of a week…only to segue into the horrible holidays. I’m no grinch, but I’ve come to loathe this time of year. Too much history, too traumatic. Rather than getting into the gory details I well send you away, on to much more entertaining diversions.

  • Today is Global Orgasm Day. Still a few more hours to get in some getting off.
  • I’m not an opera fan (haven’t had much exposure, really) but I am fascinated by the idea of The First Emperor at The Met.
  • Line Rider is utterly addictive, right? So I get how some people could invest insane amounts of time to create these masterpieces. Doesn’t hurt that the videoes feature the most awesome music of Katamari Damacy and Cowboy Bebop.
  • In the “awww, cute” category we have Mooki’s Christmas present, plus Wii Kitties (which might be slightly more wtf? than cute, but still).
  • Researchers catch giant squid on video.
  • Off the charts in its awesomenosity, Chuck commissioned some amazing art for his sweetie, from sweet e domestic.
  • We made a holiday video at Clockwork, but I prefer the all-outtakes version.

Now I’m going to take two Brian K. Vaughan comics…and hope I’m not quite so broken in the morning.

self with scarf

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