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Life is a Dream We’re Dreaming Together

The little man’s memory amazes me. And his non sequiturs. He randomly started talking about that time Karen painted the room from grey to yellow - at daycare. Over five years ago. When he was just two. And it’s not like we’ve spoken of it since. He hasn’t been back to that daycare since he turned three. It’s like he has total recall. I wonder what else he could remember for me.

Speaking of random…I’ve been getting hit with some off-putting comment spam. Comment spam that mentions “puffy folds” excessively. Filters are in place that catch the bulk of it, so I’m not sure why these, er, gems are slipping through.

Dammit, I missed the Gogol Bordello show. Anyone else go?


Bonus: This video makes me happy.
Plus: Add The Fabulist as a friend on myspace, and you just might win a super special black Uglydoll. Maybe.
And: It is not beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. But it nearly is anyhow. Time marches on.

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