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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Tools of the Human Spirit

This week is starting off badly. La Coquette can commiserate. It starts with one thing that makes you feel like crap, making a chink in the armor that allows each subsequent slight and all the little bits of bad news and every failure to really seep in. And now I’m wide awake at 4am. I [...]

The Casual Mishaps of Daily Life

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…sorry. Somehow that wound up stuck in my head. But I’ve had a bit of both lately.
The bad:

General stress, sleep deprivation, frustration and some socially awkward situations.
Five visits to the Apple store in one week, at a mall during holiday [...]

Small, Excruciatingly Tender Moments

After dinner last night the little man wanted to play some more games on the Wii, of course, but I had to play the hardass. Which I hate. I insisted that he do his homework first. The homework is simple stuff. Busywork, really. The lad just needs someone to sit next to him, to help [...]

A Pretty Accurate Representation of Myself

Yesterday was fairly strange. For one thing, my folks swore up and down that my doppelganger appeared on The Price is Right in the morning. Huh? At work there were some birthday related shenanigans for this cat. At home I received some excellent mail. From my dear friend Maria (thanks!), a little something from FluffyCo, [...]

A Multidimensional Math Problem

My son is a strange and fascinating creature. Yesterday, when the guys took a brief break from playing the Wii, I overheard the following exchange.
J (perplexed): Shaggy doughnut? What does that mean?
Little man: It means nothing. Say it.
Little man: If you say it, I will tickle you.
A little while later, the lad [...]

Telling Fairy Tales to Adults

Well, I won’t be quitting my day job to become a house painter. The living room is done. It is flawed, but it is done. At least it was a labor of love. And taking Thursday off to finish it was a stroke of genius. I kept myself motivated with music, as I often do. [...]