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Telling Fairy Tales to Adults

Well, I won’t be quitting my day job to become a house painter. The living room is done. It is flawed, but it is done. At least it was a labor of love. And taking Thursday off to finish it was a stroke of genius. I kept myself motivated with music, as I often do. I kicked the morning off with Kasabian. Post-lunch I kept myself going with some Mclusky. The evening was mellower, winding things down with Manitoba (pre-Caribou). All day Friday I was achey and sore, from all that up and down ladder action. I found myself longing for the hot tub at the Y, which triggered some half-forgotten memory of an SNL skit that my brother and I had thought was hilarious in the 80s. Naturally it’s on YouTube. And it’s still pretty funny. Also on YouTube…41 minutes of one of my all-time favorite hardcore bands, Botch, playing at one of my all-time favorite venues, the Fireside Bowl in Chicago. Speaking of bowling alleys and music, I went to Memory Lanes on Friday night to see three bands play. Good times were had.

Today J is in a very fine mood. Or he was, before he went back to bed. The man scored himself a Wii this morning. He got up before 6am to go wait in the cold outside a Super Target. I’ve only seen him get up that early a few other times. And those involved one of us having surgery. But he and his friend managed to get in line before 7am. His friend joked that he was in line ahead of J, so if it came down to the wire, he would be getting his Wii first. The friend was 14th in line (so J was 15th). An hour before the store opened staff came out and announced there were only 14 units available. Lucky for J his friend flipped him for it and J won.

paint tray drips

Bonus: There’s a new-ish Neil Gaiman interview up on City Pages. My favorite quote? “…like watching the cast of Tron doing bad Shakespeare.”
Plus: I feel like I’m about to be steamrolled by the holidays, and I’m totally unprepared for it. And every year I’m bummed when I miss The Santaland Diaries at the Bryant Lake Bowl. I have a feeling this year will be no different. Sigh.
And: I nearly didn’t believe it, when a friend told me there was a sequel being made to 28 Days Later…called 28 Weeks Later. I adore Robert Carlyle and all, but it looks pretty bad. In better movie news, His Dark Materials is going to be amazing. Just one more year.
And another thing: I’ve already mentioned bowling alleys several times in this post. I’m taking this as a sign that I really really need to take the little man bowling. And soon.

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