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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Follow Your Desires, Kid

Life can take such unexpected turns. I’d never intended to marry, and BAM, now I’m a double divorcée. On Friday J and I found out that our divorce had been finalized. Turns out the judge signed off on it on the 14th, Valentine’s Day. I’d only filed on the 8th so I’m chalking that up [...]

Positing a Scenario

The little man attends a charter school. This one has worked well for us. Because of its emphasis on inclusion of students with special needs, the small class sizes and the year-round schedule it’s been worth the extra commuting time. Today, though, I found a letter in the little man’s backpack. Informing me that the [...]

Look For The Visibile Invisible

A PSA for today. A lovely lady named Anna needs to have heart surgery, due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and has organized a benefit show to help cover her out of pocket expenses. Good times for a good cause!

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23RD @ The Turf Club 9 pm
To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie
Les Ourses
Skoal Kodiak
Building Better Bombs

There are [...]

Art is Non-Refundable

Our cat Freddy really is the great destroyer. Yesterday he chewed through another pair of my headphones (just crappy ipod earbuds, but still). Yet he can’t be blamed for everything. Doesn’t stop the little man from trying. Lately the boy has taken to smearing toothpaste on the bathroom mirror. Tonight he claimed the cat did [...]

Some Things Come From Nothing

Things are coming together, tripwise. I’ve got a house-sitter lined up and yesterday I booked our flight (into Seattle instead of Portland because it is way WAY cheaper, and then we can take a short scenic drive into Portland). Lodging-wise I scored us a room at the Kennedy School, a former elementary school that’s been [...]

Break the Illusion of the World

I haven’t had anything much to look forward to, other than more of the same, for some time now. But today I noticed the little man’s school calendar. Spring break is right around the corner. Sure, I could shell out for the childcare and go to work as usual or…I could put that childcare money [...]

Natural Mellowing Agents

It’s been a relatively low-key weekend. Friday night I had my hairs cut. Then we popped by the library (where I paid off all my overdue fees - doh!) and I spent the evening engrossed in Beauty by Robin McKinley. Saturday was our usual cupcake social hour, followed by indoor swimming instead of outdoor sledding. [...]

But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me

Mika was absolutely amazing. First Avenue made me check my camera, but it was so crowded that was likely for the best. I did manage a few crappy cameraphone pix. This weekend there will be a slew more of good shows happening (like Daniel Johnston!) but I will be going to none. Oh wells.
Five things [...]

Life In Cartoon Motion

I’m already tired of grumbling and grumping my way through this week and it’s only Tuesday. So I am forging ahead, in spite of irritating personal setbacks. One of which includes We The People not having their act together with my legal documents. I swear, the next time I get divorced I am totally not [...]

The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack

Liars played a show in Lawrence, KS last night. I wasn’t there. All day I was home, in a haze, stuck in limbo between sleep and wakefulness. Having the power randomly go out at our house? Didn’t help matters. But the little man and I did make it to a friend’s birthday party, and hung [...]