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Natural Mellowing Agents

It’s been a relatively low-key weekend. Friday night I had my hairs cut. Then we popped by the library (where I paid off all my overdue fees - doh!) and I spent the evening engrossed in Beauty by Robin McKinley. Saturday was our usual cupcake social hour, followed by indoor swimming instead of outdoor sledding. Today I’d planned to hit up the gym for a workout, but the wind chill warning is scaring me away. Too bad The Handmaiden’s Art Fair is also going on right now. Doh.


Bonus: Next Saturday is the 8th Annual Women’s Prison Book Project Pancake Breakfast. We’ll be breakfasting there, before heading to Cupcake Saturday. Mmmmm.
Plus: I wish I had one of these Tanuki suits to wear so I could go outside without worrying about the cold.
And: I have just a couple more weekends to haul my ass out to the Art Shanties on Medicine Lake. I really want to mail something from the postal shanty.

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