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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Staring At A Sea Of Brake Lights

After much frustration, gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair, etc., this schoolyear we decided to give up on the St. Paul school district entirely, and enroll the little man in a public charter school instead. Which has, for the most part, been wonderful. Unfortunately it is rather far away. So far from home that [...]

Well, Everyone Gets Corrupted

There was some rock action last Friday I failed to mention. My seventeen year-old step-niece went to see Green Day for the first time, at the Xcel Energy Center (a big-ass arena in St. Paul, built on the site of the former Civic Center). I remember going to see Green Day for the first [...]

Play For Today

As for many, the iPod has become mission critical to my workweek. The Monday through Friday grind is unbearable without it. Before I had one there were many other ways to listen to music on the job, certainly, but this has been one of the easiest…in general. But over the weekend I’ve fought with [...]

A Powerful Psionic Power

Yesterday would have been the perfect Saturday…if I hadn’t felt like crap all day. I tried to forget the feeling miserable part and focus instead on the good stuff. I was home. And my boys were home. And I was in my pajamas. Reading high quality comic books. All. Day. Long. And the husband [...]

Cue The Rock-out Emoticon

Turns out those punks at City Pages online had erroneously reported that last night’s show was cancelled. Yesterday morning I got a hold of someone at the venue. They were not at all pleased when I informed them of the fudge-up, but at least it was a sold out show (so ticket sales were [...]

It Isn’t A Story Until I’ve Told It Twice

On Sunday, just after my big walk, I got into the car and turned on the radio. I heard a guy’s voice, talking about Japanese punk bands. It was a really familiar voice. Immediately I thought “I know that voice.” And I did. Before any tell-tale clues were given away I figured it out. [...]

I Really Hate Being A Princess

The little man, he had big plans for this Halloween. His costuming ideas involved not just himself dressing up,

but special coordinated outfits with the husband. You know how the husband reacted to this plan? He’s skipping town (happily heading back to Palo Alto on “business” for an entire week). So it’s up to [...]

Knowledgeable But Not Always Right

Saturday started off quietly enough. Lounging in pajamas. Eating pancakes. Visiting the St. Paul Public Library. A dash of chaos at lunchtime, because that’s just how Udupi’s lunch buffet is on the weekend. Afterwards, a little napping…with bonus acid reflux and vomiting, unfortunately (the new meds aren’t controlling the migraines just yet). Eventually I [...]

First Do No Harm

I had read through the dire warnings, but initially I’d dismissed them…as those side effects occurred in folks taking the drug for epilepsy (which means they’re taking much higher doses than those taking it for migraine prevention, like myself). But still. After just one dose my eyes were oddly dry. My legs started tingling [...]

The Inheritance Of Acquired Traits

Today the little man is, officially, six years old. He’s a bit confused about that though, being as we had his birthday party last weekend. But on that day he received many wondrous gifts. Naturally there have been a few standout favorites (two from me, for instance, but who loves ya baby?) though every [...]