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It Isn’t A Story Until I’ve Told It Twice

On Sunday, just after my big walk, I got into the car and turned on the radio. I heard a guy’s voice, talking about Japanese punk bands. It was a really familiar voice. Immediately I thought “I know that voice.” And I did. Before any tell-tale clues were given away I figured it out. It was Tim Kelly. A guy I met when I was ten years old (and he was a ripe old fourteen or so). He was a close friend of my then best friend’s older sister. He and a few others helped shape some of my early musical tastes. Elvis Costello. The Clash. XTC. The Ramones. Music I still like today. There was a reason Tim was on the radio, other than to send me hurtling down memory lane. Radio K’s punk show had his old local band on, The Kungfools…as they were going to play a special one-time only reunion show at the Triple Rock that night. The very place that I was headed to at that moment for lunch. If I’d hung around long enough after lunch I might have seen them for sound check, but I desperately needed to go home to take a shower and a nap. Would have loved to have gone back later for the show, but I was in bed before they’d even taken the stage. Guess I’m not so punk rock anymore.

But I am a little concerned. I’ve got tickets for tomorrow night’s Andrew Bird show, but the City Pages site has it listed as cancelled. Anyone know anything about that? Tried calling the venue earlier but no one answered.

A smartass friend, who thinks he’s asian-by-marriage, wrote to me in response to yesterday’s post. Yes, Dave, I do know the proper way to eat noodles is with chopsticks, but if I started doing everything primly and properly I’d probably implode. And besides, I don’t always have chopsticks handy at work. So there. Or nyah nyah nyah nyah as the little man is so fond of saying these days.
Bonus: Here’s one blooming big bunny…behind a hill. Behold Gelitin…as if knitted by giant grandmothers.
Plus: A recent selection arrived from GreenCine and shockingly it was something the husband and I both wanted to watch. Read or Die! is the story of an underground international intelligence organization. They are secret agent…librarians. Pretty sweet.
And: I’m a procrastinator/time-waster from way-back, so this is my kind of list. It’s a NOT to do list, trying to keep your ass on task. It’ll never work, but I like the idea.