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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Just Add Water

And now for another exciting update regarding my medical condition(s). Can you stand it? Well, prepare to be disappointed. I know I was. There was no CAT Scan (which is for the best, really, since I realized this morning that I have no idea how to get my captive bead ring earrings out - [...]

During The Deadly Brain-leakage Afternoon Office Hours

Lately I’ve been feeling simultaneously overwhelmed

and disconnected, for a number of reasons. First and foremost…my body has betrayed me, with this mammoth migraine I haven’t been able to shake. It’s been waxing and waning for the last six weeks or so (mostly waxing) but never completely dissipating. So this afternoon my stubborness takes [...]

Approximations Of What I Had In Mind

The party wasn’t perfect. The day was too hot. And I misplaced that extra package of water balloons. And I should have put out more finger foods for the picky kids. And a few guests who RSVPd didn’t end up showing. And I forgot to bring the soy ice cream out with the cake, [...]

Among The Occasionally Deluded

I was just going to lie down for a little while. You know, rest my eyes for a spell before heading to the party. But that’s how it happens every time. When the ladies called to check in on me the husband told them I was already sound asleep. It wasn’t even 9pm. So [...]

Oh I’d Love To Wear A Rainbow Everyday…

On this, the first day of September, there is too much to report.

First off, waferbaby is back, and I am glad of it…even if it is a bittersweet sort of return.
Another fine episode of Making Fiends (#19) is up, and you can Get a Grudge (Vendetta’s large fiend-hamster, on a t-shirt) while you’re over [...]