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Knowledgeable But Not Always Right

Saturday started off quietly enough. Lounging in pajamas. Eating pancakes. Visiting the St. Paul Public Library. A dash of chaos at lunchtime, because that’s just how Udupi’s lunch buffet is on the weekend. Afterwards, a little napping…with bonus acid reflux and vomiting, unfortunately (the new meds aren’t controlling the migraines just yet). Eventually I headed out into the evening, for a grown-up sort of night. The little man wanted to join me, and I very nearly considered it, but that would have cut the night much shorter. Which maybe wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. But still. I was in the mood for a non G-rated film. Sword of Doom was showing at the Oak Street. While I was intrigued, I didn’t think I could stomach the gore. Besides, I was in the mood for something sort of sad and uncertain. Broken Flowers fit the bill nicely (though I’m afraid Mr. Murray has become somewhat typecast). Afterwards I headed to Muddy Paws, to pick up a piece of vegan cheesecake for my lovely friend Maggie, whose birthday party I was headed to. My strategy had worked well. By getting out of the house before 7pm I was able to avoid lying down and and/or changing into my pajamas, thus increasing my chances of actually making it to the party. Which I did. It was quite pleasant to see the people. I am a people person. I like the people. It was so good to see these people that each goodbye took about an hour and I lingered until after 2am. Doh.

dungeons and dragons t-shirt

And it was a double-doh, in that I had agreed to participate in the Walk for Justice (on behalf of Compassionate Action for Animals) in the morning. I went to bed around 3am, woke up around 8am, neglected to have coffee or a decent meal, and dressed inappropriately…as it was much warmer than I’d anticipated, and I couldn’t find my good walking shoes. But still. I’d started my fundraising efforts late but still managed to meet my goal…by chipping in a chunk of change myself. And I got to walk with folks I haven’t gotten to hang out with in a while. Sadly the little man did not want to join me this time, as he has a host of toys that are still shiny and new enough to hold his attention. I felt a little guilty about not heading home right away after the walk, but instead enjoyed a leisurely meal at the Triple Rock…and then headed home for a shower and a nice nap. Not such a bad Sunday after all.
Bonus: Right now I want a cupcake the size of his fist. But I don’t want to become involved in any embittered cupcake battles. They probably aren’t vegan-friendly anyhow.
Plus: Quote of the day? How about Afrojet’s ode to the Wonderbar with “My favorite household project is anything that involves heavy demo.” Sorry ladies, he done got himself hitched.

Walk for Justice
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