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Play For Today

As for many, the iPod has become mission critical to my workweek. The Monday through Friday grind is unbearable without it. Before I had one there were many other ways to listen to music on the job, certainly, but this has been one of the easiest…in general. But over the weekend I’ve fought with one of its inherent technical limitations, one that’s been making me crazy. I was trying to be a good little girl scout last night and prepare for the week. Recharged my cell phone and camera batteries. Did loads and loads of laundry. Packed lunches. But when I wiped out the music on the iPod, to put new music on it, I realized I couldn’t do so very easily. Turns out that 75% of what I wanted to listen to, the husband had ripped in .ogg format. Which means it first needs to be converted to mp3 format. Groan. Which also means adding quite a bit of extra time to this operation that should be quite simple. So before going to bed I asked the husband not to turn off my computer. I neglected to mention that he shouldn’t turn his off either. Much of the music is on his hard drive, a machine that mine is networked to. Doh. So here I sit, on a Monday morning, frantically trying to fill the iPod to capacity before leaving the house.

On another audio-related note…I’d meant to catch up on my vlog-watching this weekend, but the headphones I have at home have stopped working (and my speakers are in a closet somewhere). Or maybe it’s the cable. But I haven’t investigated closely enough. I could have just reached across to the other side of this small room, grabbed the husband’s headphones, and plugged them into my cable to test, but that would be too much work. Maybe after coffee.
Bonus: Now more than ever I can totally relate to loobylu, with her weekend of laundry and anger, and being angry about laundry. As for another Aussie mom (relocated to Switzerland)…her life is sometimes just a little too idyllic. I’ll try not to be jealous. Or, umm, not too jealous.
Plus: Super Mario Brothers as light opera - I’ll have to watch this later, if I can find functioning headphones, before determining whether or not it is safe for the little man. Or if he’d even be interested.
And: I knew Zophia would appreciate this, so doubtless other knitters out there will to…whether or not you are a fan of diesel sweeties, check this out (via knitting in public).