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A Powerful Psionic Power

Yesterday would have been the perfect Saturday…if I hadn’t felt like crap all day. I tried to forget the feeling miserable part and focus instead on the good stuff. I was home. And my boys were home. And I was in my pajamas. Reading high quality comic books. All. Day. Long. And the husband went out to get Evergreen takeout for dinner. And when I’d run out of comic books to read (I really should have paced myself a little more) and we’d put the little man to bed, the husband and I finished watching Read or Die!, the anime about the super secret super agent librarians with super powers. Sometimes it is the little things in life.

Speaking of little things…gulldarnit. I was in need of a new watch. You know, one that actually works. And is vegan-safe. So after little luck looking around I turned to ebay. I came up with this one (that should be arriving shortly). Naturally I found out about the Naughty Secretary Club after the fact. I’d much rather have a Sophisticated Lady model (sold out, unfortunately) or a Swiss Miss (same) or perhaps the Strawberry Frost. Oh well.

In a little while we’re headed to the Children’s Museum to check out their brand new Jump to Japan! exhibit (complete with cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro), and there will be a performance by the X-Team Yo-Yo crew. The last time we saw them the little man went crazy, in a good way…and it’s always fun watching him get so excited about such things.

Big Brain's brown paper bag
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