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The Inheritance Of Acquired Traits

Today the little man is, officially, six years old. He’s a bit confused about that though, being as we had his birthday party last weekend. But on that day he received many wondrous gifts. Naturally there have been a few standout favorites (two from me, for instance, but who loves ya baby?) though every day this week we’ve spent some time with a different, new present. Last night it was Spell Time, a word game that we both enjoyed. I mostly liked watching him because he was focusing so intently on figuring each word out. And while he was spelling out the words I realized two things: one, I hope he grows up to be a big word game geek (so I’ll have someone to play with). And two, I hadn’t yet done my Arabic homework, and class is tonight (I hope the little man doesn’t become a procrastinator, like me). Our first class was last week, and it was wonderful. But I can already tell that the spoken language is going to be far easier for me than the written…which is the opposite of the experience I had when attempting to learn French…but it is a whole new alphabet to learn.

spell time game