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Just Add Water

And now for another exciting update regarding my medical condition(s). Can you stand it? Well, prepare to be disappointed. I know I was. There was no CAT Scan (which is for the best, really, since I realized this morning that I have no idea how to get my captive bead ring earrings out - they’ve been in since ‘97 and I’d need a pliers, and some help). Turns out my family doc and this neurologist had different ideas regarding next steps. But the neurologist is the specialist so hey, I guess I’ll trust him. For the moment. Even though it means I’ll be taking anti-seizure meds for the next month, and then going back in for another damned follow-up appointment…with the possibility of an MRI, depending on how effective the drugs are. Guess I’ll have to get my earrings out before then, just in case.