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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Do You Know Who You Are?

Recently I rediscovered a tape, of the cassette variety, that an old friend had made for me. A friend who moved to Seattle years ago, and one I haven’t kept in touch with very well. But the tape brings back all kinds of memories of him. On it are classics from old faves like [...]

Duty Now For The Future

Meant to post this bit Sunday night… And we’re back. And tired. Overall, it was a lovely little trip. Even though a weekend spent in chlorine-filled pool water and drenched in torrential downpours was not good to my hair it was worth it. And things worked out such that the little man’s loose tooth [...]

And It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah

Today is my Dad’s birthday. And mine as well. This morning I called to wish him the best, but I couldn’t help wishing he were here…with my little fam, in Madison. The best birthdays I’ve had were ones we celebrated together. And my Dad would have gone with me to The House on the [...]

What The Living Do

My current 5-minute crush…the national StoryCorps project. I’ve already posted a blurb about it over at TechEvangelists (a community weblog) so rather than repeating myself here, I’ll send yawl over there. But allow me to add…this is a project Receptionista really needs to contribute to, what with her fabulous voice and her previous public [...]

The Theory Of The Leisure Class

The little man’s loose tooth, it hasn’t come out yet. I fear it’ll pop out whilst on our trip this weekend (not in the waterpark, please), and we’ll have to secure it for its safe return home. Or does the tooth fairy do road trips?
I’m on a few email lists for local movie [...]

15 Hours And 37 Minutes Of Sunshine

Today might just feel like the longest day of the year…to the poor husband. Rather than a power outage, this time it’s another utility. We didn’t get the heads up until after I got home from work last night, and would have been completely oblivious…if the husband hadn’t run out to the hardware store [...]

A Multi-site Mode Of Action

It was another overly active weekend, much of it spent at multiple locations with various family members. But the big news is…the little man has a loose tooth. Really loose. Last night he really started wiggling it and worrying at it. This morning he asked to be taken to the dentist. I tried to [...]

If You’re Looking For Trouble, I Can Offer You A Wide Selection

Jonathan has a wonderful rundown of stuff to see and hear. But let’s add a couple of things to that list. Like tonight’s Punk rock reading, at Arise! bookstore and resource center. And, after a winterlong hiatus, my friend’s band, Signal to Trust, will be playing a whirlwind weekend of shows with their new [...]

Strange Injuries And A Nonexistent Social Life

Last night I was feeling a little tired and low, as I headed out to the Ted Leo show on my own. I needn’t have worried. The energetic performance would have been awesome enough, even by myself, but as soon as I secured my usual spot, at stage right, a gaggle of likewise aging [...]

Post-modern Brokenness

Yesterday I was saddened to see that Joyland, an amusement park located in Wichita, Kansas, has closed…and is for sale on ebay. Though I’d never been there, I featured it in the novel I wrote last Fall for NaNo. Now if I ever get around to editing said novel I’ll have to figure out [...]