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What The Living Do

My current 5-minute crush…the national StoryCorps project. I’ve already posted a blurb about it over at TechEvangelists (a community weblog) so rather than repeating myself here, I’ll send yawl over there. But allow me to add…this is a project Receptionista really needs to contribute to, what with her fabulous voice and her previous public radio experience (the MobileBooth will be parked in Seattle in September).

Continuing on ‘the power in ordinary life’ theme…I know I often extoll the virtues of flickr, but I love how truly global it is, and how widespread its users are. One person favorited a photo of mine last night. I looked at her profile to find she lives in Ljubljana, Slovenija…and is looking forward to her vacation, soon, on the exotic-sounding Island of Hvar (that would be in Croatia), a place I had never before heard of, but now wouldn’t mind visiting. Neat. And way more interesting to find out about it this roundabout way, than having traditional media present me with their take on this place. And also more efficient than finding out through a pen pal (though I do have a soft spot for snail mail).

Bonus: One generally doesn’t associate radio with visuals, but I very much would like to see This American Life’s DVD, Lost Buildings, and the accompanying booklet. It’s not for sale yet (it was a pledge drive premium)…but hopefully soon. Looks like maybe this Fall.
Plus: It gets hot around here, and violence ensues. Just simmer down folks.
And: I won’t be going to that Serenity screening tonight (I know, how many times can I mention this) but I will be celebrating my birthday with some of my favorite people at one of my favorite restaurants. So there.
And another thing: Before bed last night I noticed something about my flickr photostream, and how many times it had been viewed. It has since rolled past 20,000. Madness.

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