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A Multi-site Mode Of Action

It was another overly active weekend, much of it spent at multiple locations with various family members. But the big news is…the little man has a loose tooth. Really loose. Last night he really started wiggling it and worrying at it. This morning he asked to be taken to the dentist. I tried to explain that this wasn’t like the tooth troubles he had earlier in the Spring (when a cavity-filled baby tooth had to be removed before its time)…that this was a normal thing, that as he gets bigger his baby teeth will come out and be replaced by new, bigger teeth. And I gave examples of some of the slightly older kids he knows, who currently have gap-filled grins. But he’s not having it. He’s also not having any terribly solid foods. Last night he tried to eat corn on the cob with his side teeth before giving up. This morning he stuck with applesauce. And, as I was leaving the house, he had his finger firmly in his mouth, wiggling away at the little guy that’s giving him grief. The time has come for this tooth. I’m just afraid it’s going to come out when he’s at daycare…and he’ll lose it. Or swallow it.

In not so breaking news, I’m a bad influence…on myself. Last Thursday evening the little man and I headed to Sister Fun (a favorite store, which, as I previously mentioned, is going out of business) ostensibly to buy birthday presents for others. Which I did. But I also bought myself some Astroboy stationery, among other things.

And speaking of birthdays…mine is this coming Saturday already. For weird. If anyone’s taking note, I wouldn’t mind a big bunny t-shirt, in girly large, please. Or one of Loobyly’s lovely prints. Or a digital video camera, with a quick tutorial in the use of some decent video editing software. Or an advanced copy of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. Or a ticket to this Thursday night’s preview screening of Serenity at Southdale. Ok, I’ll stop now. Ahem.
(Please note that I don’t expect any of these things…I’m just saying.)

Bonus: When I think of works of art, aprons don’t generally come to mind. But I’d say Hilary’s handiwork definitely qualifies.
Plus: We’ll be out of town this coming weekend, but not in the right town, apparently. David Byrne is playing with The Arcade Fire Sunday night, at the Hollywood Bowl. But seeing Andrew Bird on my birthday will be enough of a consolation prize for me.

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