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15 Hours And 37 Minutes Of Sunshine

Today might just feel like the longest day of the year…to the poor husband. Rather than a power outage, this time it’s another utility. We didn’t get the heads up until after I got home from work last night, and would have been completely oblivious…if the husband hadn’t run out to the hardware store last night, and spotted the hangtag on our door upon his return. The gist of it is the St. Paul Water Utility folks gave us less than 12 hours notice…that our water would be shut off all day, starting at 7:30am this morning. It makes little difference to me, as I’m generally up and showered before then, but the husband works from home, and rarely leaves home. He does have a shiny new laptop, paid for by his employer, but the nearest coffeeshop with Wi-Fi is 1.3 miles away, and he’s not a coffeeshop kinda guy. Oh well.
In better solstice news, at least it’s sunny here today, after yesterday’s rock ‘em sock ‘em storms. And it’s sunny in Seattle, which isn’t the best news for Defective Yeti, who has self-diagnosed himself with ’some kind of reverse photosynthesis’ (which he’s dubbed Heliophobia Photodissolution). But it looks like the festivities at Stonehenge went off without a hitch this year.
Bonus: Chuck’s sliding down a big hill. Aren’t we all? Sigh.
Plus: when i was young it seemed life was so beautiful
And: Wow. I sound kinda cranky today, but I’m not really. Honest. Maybe I’m just a little sad…that I finished reading Sunshine yesterday. For the uh, third time. I love Robin McKinley so.

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