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Post-modern Brokenness

Yesterday I was saddened to see that Joyland, an amusement park located in Wichita, Kansas, has closed…and is for sale on ebay. Though I’d never been there, I featured it in the novel I wrote last Fall for NaNo. Now if I ever get around to editing said novel I’ll have to figure out what to do about that particular setting. Hmmm….

For the second week in a row I am going out, on a Tuesday night, to First Avenue…to get my rock on. I’ll no doubt be paying the price tomorrow morning, but Ted Leo is totally worth it. Then the weekend after next I’ll be seeing Andrew Bird (in Madison). Why, three shows in June…it’s my month of music! Though there was a time when just three shows in one month would have seemed a sadly small number.

Last night the little man proclaimed that he is a blue fox, I am a red sloth, and the husband is a gray moose. Such apt animal associations, but the color coding…some sort of synaesthesia perhaps?

Bonus: A week from this Thursday, my neighborhood’s summer music and movies series starts. It might not be quite on par with the Walker’s series in Loring Park, but it is closer to home, and it kicks off with the little man-friendly Muppet Movie. What more could I ask for?
Plus: In other music news, Sigur Ros will be performing locally, at the State Theater, on September 24th.