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The Chaos Of Humans At Play

Far too much to report. Not sure I’m even up for the CliffsNotes version of the weekend, but here goes. Highlights included, but were not limited to: the little man’s kindergarten orientation; a brief power outage; brushes with brainsucking aliens; Dave and Huey-Ling’s big move into their beautiful new/old house (built in 1904); the triumphant return, er, arrival, of the husband’s recumbent bike (which had been sitting in storage at his parents’ house for the last four years); my inaugral bike ride around the neighborhood (it rained yesterday, but not today, yet will rain again tomorrow); the purchase of plane tickets for the little man and I, for a trip in August; my step-niece’s 17th birthday party; and two meals eaten out at Evergreen.
Bonus: New to me…Keltech Strikes Back.
Plus: Reg alerted me to the existence of a Pac Man board game, circa 1982. Now I want one, even if game play isn’t all that.
And: A co-worker turned me on to LCD Soundsystem, but sadly I didn’t have any time for acquiring their wares this weekend.

four-fingered alien hand
brainsucking alien
eggless vegan egg rolls
unusually labelled outlet