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Duty Now For The Future

Meant to post this bit Sunday night…
And we’re back. And tired. Overall, it was a lovely little trip. Even though a weekend spent in chlorine-filled pool water and drenched in torrential downpours was not good to my hair it was worth it. And things worked out such that the little man’s loose tooth did come out…but not until we were safely home. Also upon our return, I checked my email before doing anything else, naturally (those five or six hours offline were oh so hard on me), and was greeted by a gem from Devo’s webmaster. Apparently they’d seen a photo of my friend April’s tattoo (either on my site, or on flickr) and wanted her contact info…so they could add it to their gallery. She’s stoked, of course. This is even better than the post post modern man who wrote to me, saying that she’d popped up after some (devo)googling and he would like to marry her.
Still to come, a review of the Andrew Bird show…and some baby tooth pix. Selected photos from Madison below, or view the whole shebang here.
Bonus: If all stories were written like science fiction stories
Plus: Bitching and Moaning
And: Thursday night is the Mid-Summer RollerGirl Bash at the Nomad Pub. This weekend is CONVergence, and VloggerCue Midwest is right around the corner. Any other geeky goings on going on locally? Shoot me an email. It’s for a good cause, I promise.

calm before the storm
andrew bird, sweating
gossamer glimpse