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Do You Know Who You Are?

Recently I rediscovered a tape, of the cassette variety, that an old friend had made for me. A friend who moved to Seattle years ago, and one I haven’t kept in touch with very well. But the tape brings back all kinds of memories of him. On it are classics from old faves like Texas is the Reason, Lifetime, Cap’n'Jazz, and Propagandhi. The songs so vividly recall a very different stage of my life and listening to them is, well, more than a little bittersweet.

Speaking of getting older…last night the husband made me a third birthday cake (this is getting ridiculous). This time it’s a chocolate almond midnight cake, from The Millennium Cookbook, and to be eaten after a family dinner tonight at Everest. My birthday celebrations started on June 8th this year, with the Neko Case show, and will likely wrap up this Friday night, when Zophia and I finally get together to exchange gifts.

Bonus: Haven’t posted about the show yet (I’m getting to that, honest) but I’ll post about the Andrew Bird posters, by illustrator extraordinaire Jay Ryan. I was tempted to buy ‘tables and chairs‘ (the only one they had available that night), but thought artwork depicting fuzzy farm animals on fire might not be the most little man-friendly. So I bought a t-shirt instead.
Plus: And Nike admits to making a “poor judgment call” with a full apology to Dischord Records and Minor Threat.
And: Below, the little man’s first lost tooth. It’s so twee.

first lost tooth