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The Unsaid Part Of What You’re Thinking

I don’t know about this month. So far it’s been marked by sleep deprivation and exhaustion (I feel like I have mono) and a sort of DSL hell (our connection flakes out whenever it rains). And the poor little man is covered by angry red welts, caused by the mosquito swarms congregating in our back yard. But it hasn’t been all bad. We’ve seen friends. And I’ve seen Batman Begins…with a friend. And I lazed about and read a book cover-to-cover yesterday. And this afternoon the little man and I are going to brave the crowds near our neighborhood, in order to ride a Ferris Wheel. But I can’t shake this feeling of being…well, off. More so than usual.

new growth vines
little man's new shades
pomegranate izze
Thunder Robot
grilled corn