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Monthly Archives: June 2005

The Chaos Of Humans At Play

Far too much to report. Not sure I’m even up for the CliffsNotes version of the weekend, but here goes. Highlights included, but were not limited to: the little man’s kindergarten orientation; a brief power outage; brushes with brainsucking aliens; Dave and Huey-Ling’s big move into their beautiful new/old house (built in 1904); the [...]

“I Really Like Gospel Monsters”

It’s been a strange week. Zophia and I stayed up past our bedtimes to bask in the presence of greatness, in the form of Neko Case. Though our basking was occasionally interuppted by asshats. One guy repeatedly elbowed me with his drinking arm and blocked my view with his big fat head (note: please do [...]

Your Life Wasn’t What You Thought It Was

After I put the little man to bed last night my evening took a surreal turn. The husband had gone out (I’m going out tonight, with Zophia, to the Neko Case show) so the house was especially quiet. I intended to compulsively check my email one last time…before going to bed to read myself [...]

There Is Thought And There Is Action

I just bought tickets to the Andrew Bird show. In, umm, Madison. It’s the closest he’ll be to the Twin Cities in the near future, it’s a weekend, and it’s on my birthday. Though I have yet to figure out lodging and little man logistics, I’m looking forward to the fabulous Mr. Bird singing [...]

“Please Don’t Bother Me With This Bullshit Nonsense”

I have no patience for assholes and their asshattery, though I’d rather not rehash the whole thing. Instead, read all about it here if you are so inclined. Naturally I think the good-natured Chuck is in the right, and this rude Hollywood hack should go back to producing B-movies. Enough said.
Speaking of movies…I’ve seen two [...]

The Universal Themes Of Loss, Angst, Candy And Damp Clothing

I’m still alive…but have been most woeful this week. My all-time favorite neighbors ever of all time…well, they…they moved away (while Chuck is lucky enough to keep his nice neighbors and have his icky, loud ones move away). I know it wasn’t anything I did, that it was time for them to move on. [...]