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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Meaningful Adjacency

It’s been another surreal week in an already strange year. Tonight my city is under curfew, again (because the police value property more than people). Not that I leave the house at night anyhow, but still. Have I got a strange tale for you…
At the end of 2018, my Dad showed me an obituary [...]

All Things Wondrous

Obviously there is still so much to be concerned about. 2020 keeps throwing those curveballs. Disaster upon disaster. The latest? California’s raging wildfires are presenting significant dangers for farmworkers, the incarcerated, and firefighters. Many of whom are prison laborers. And there’s a shortage of incarcerated firefighters because so many are sick from COVID-19. Not that [...]

Season of Surrender

This strange summer is coming to a close so quickly. Some of us are looking ahead, beyond back to school concerns. A friend has been using Facebook in a thoughtful way. Since we live in Minnesota, she’s been posting a series of questions to get people to consider contingencies for the coming winter. Topics like [...]

Long-Term Psychological Wreckage

Well, I was already tired and sad before Beirut blew up last week. And now. Numb. Lebanon can’t catch a break.
Deadly explosion at Beirut’s port comes amid coronavirus pandemic and economic meltdown
These photos are heartbreaking. This was all preventable. A colossal disaster caused by corruption and incompetence (a running theme for 2020). Lebanon’s cabinet - [...]