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Long-Term Psychological Wreckage

Well, I was already tired and sad before Beirut blew up last week. And now. Numb. Lebanon can’t catch a break.

Deadly explosion at Beirut’s port comes amid coronavirus pandemic and economic meltdown

These photos are heartbreaking. This was all preventable. A colossal disaster caused by corruption and incompetence (a running theme for 2020). Lebanon’s cabinet - like, the entire government - resigned today.

Meanwhile, in the US…

Stop Trying To Live Like We Aren’t In A Pandemic

As COVID-19 cases surge, many Americans are ignoring health guidelines with beach days and vacations. Pretending the coronavirus crisis doesn’t exist will just stretch it out longer.

Bleak. 2020 has been a steady diet of non-stop misery. And it seems like we’re going to be in this for the long haul because performative masculinity is making American men sick. I’m making longer-term plans to help manage our physical and mental health. I am very grateful to be employed and housed and to have the means to take care of our household, though I need to work on saving more. I am incredibly anxious about all of those who will become unhoused if our government doesn’t course correct, and quickly. I’m fed up with money and power being misused by those who are supposed to be acting on behalf of the people. The people have been hoodwinked for decades.

From “Reimagining Capitalism in the Shadow of the Pandemic

Six months ago, it was “normal” for the richest 1% to own more than 40% of U.S. wealth — and for the richest 5% to take home nearly a third of all the income, while 40% of Americans would need to borrow, sell something, or not be able pay a $400 expense. Six months ago it was “normal” for nearly a quarter of the U.S. civilian workforce to be unable to take a day of paid sick leave and for us to feel comfortable tolerating the systemic oppression and exclusion of Black Americans.

Something’s gotta give. And soon. Everything is now politics. Americans are so polarized now. We have nearly three months to go until the election. I may be grinding my teeth and/or holding my breath until then.


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