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For Storm and Fury

I am not superstitious by nature but in my last post I mentioned migraines and bam, I got hit with my first one in ages. It struck on Friday along with a major shift in the weather, as often happens, and is still lingering today. Yesterday I was so incapacitated I had to take a sick day and am now even more behind on work. The queasiness is beginning to abate and I am mostly upright but looking longingly at my bed, less than three feet away from my desk. Summer heat plus poor health means I’ve been succumbing to distractions even more than usual. Though we didn’t follow too much of the virtual comic con, other than watching a few new trailers.

Thankfully, we have superior distractions to look forward to soon, with season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. And hopefully no more migraines.

our nameless neighborhood turkey

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