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The Psychology of Waiting

The first podcast that hooked me was 99% Invisible. They’ve just celebrated their nine-year anniversary (congrats!) with yet another engrossing episode. This time about the psychology of waiting. And - one of my favorite things - the notion of radical transparency. Which helps reduce anxiety, among other things. For the frustrated worker sitting behind a slow computer, the commuter waiting for a train or a resident wondering when the city will tear down an abandoned property. Definitely worth listening to.

Five more items that have inspired me recently:

On the home front, we have settled in nicely. Nearly everything is already in its place. We continue to refine. Reorganizing cupboards and closets. Today I unpacked a few more bins (there aren’t many left) and hung the remaining art that was waiting for its wall spot. It’s strange to think I spent the bulk of the summer wishing I could fast forward - through all the tough work of moving - to this very week and here I am! Home. Where I may have binge-watched Carnival Row this weekend.

Olive the cat, checking out all the new and exciting window sills

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